Soulmate Reading

If you are still searching for the love of your life, a Soulmate Reading with Ann will reveal any challenges or blockages.  Or if you are already in a relationship find out what your loved one is feeling and thinking.  Ann specializes in reuniting loved ones and helps to heals painful relationships of every kind.

Wheel of Life

This reading is a valuable tool to help you understand your current and future life path. If you have questions about your career, health, relationship or future, a Wheel of Life Reading will provide beneficial insights to assist you with future decisions and help to prepare and inform you of major events yet to come.

Psychic Reading

A Psychic Reading will tell you about your past, present and future while giving you information about any current struggles and reoccurring situations or bad habits. Let Ann communicate with your guardian angels and hear their guidance and personal messages.  Connect with loved ones who've passed on.

Past Life Reading

Do you have reoccurring dreams or experienced deja vu?  Are you drawn to certain eras or fascinated with specific historic events?  A Past Life Reading is an amazing look at the true history of the journey of your spirit.  Get to know your true self and learn from all your strength's and weaknesses. 

Tea Leaf Reading

This ancient reading technique has been revived by Ann as another way in modern times to get you the information you need to live your best life.   

Soul Purpose

Why am I here?  What is my purpose in life?  If you've ever asked yourself these questions and didn't know the answer, this in depth reading will help you understand what your mission is and how exactly to accomplish it.  

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For questions and pricing on readings, parties or special services, please send me an email. I will get back to you soon. 

Intuitive Psychic Readings by Ann

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