Aura Cleansing

If you've felt our of balance in any area of your life or consistently experience frustrating events and situations, it is probably time to get your aura cleansed.  Our bodies are constantly giving and receiving energy and we need to cleanse and maintain our energetic body just like we do with our physical body.  You'll feel more positive and energetic, like a weight has been lifted off and it has; a spiritual weight.  

Past Life Release

Most of us have done things we'd do differently if we had the chance and even though we can't change the past, we still have future choices to make about all the things in our lives that will help or hurt us.  There are many joyful and tragic experiences carried within us from past lives. These soul memories live on, locked into our spirit. When you learn about the history of your soul and fully absorb the lessons, you will understand aspects of yourself in ways that will change your life and bring you a true lasting peace.

Spirit Removal & Clearing

If you sense spirits around you and their presence is interfering with you in any way, call or email for an consultation with Ann.  You can and should immediately exercise your free will to be clear of spiritual interference.  With Ann's experience your personal, work and living spaces, will be quickly reclaimed, cleansed and protected without inconvenience or fear.  

Career Counseling

Are you thinking of changing jobs or going back to school?  Or do you have a business decision that you'd like more information on?  A Career Counseling session will spiritually clear any blockages while blessing & protecting you in the vocation perfect for you.

New Home Blessing

If you've just purchased or moved into a new home, getting a Home Blessing to properly clear out the old energy and protect the space for new positive energy is a great way for a fresh start and inspired future.

Business Blessings

A Business Blessing is a smart way to increase existing or new business.  Ann will spiritually clear and protect your work space which will result in a happier, healthier, more productive place for you, your employees and customers. 

Contact Ann

 For questions and pricing on readings, parties or special services, please send me an email. I will get back to you soon. 

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